Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Do your 'Bucket List' now

If you haven't seen the movie "Bucket List" with Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, I would recommend it. It is both amusing and sad. The main plot is about two men who are battling terminal cancer. They befriend each other and set out to do the things they have put off doing in life.

My Uncle Sam was only 1 year older than me. I grew up on my grandparents farm and Sam was more like an older brother than my uncle. We did everything together. As the years rolled by we went our seperate ways, but that bond was always there between us.

About two years ago he found out he had cancer. At first the prognosis was hopeful. But as time passed it became apparent that the cancer was winning it's quest to end Sam's life. We talked and he shared some of his wishes to me about a few things he wanted to do before he died. So, he began to check a few things off his "Bucket List". One was another trip through the western states. Myself and Sam and his best friend Charlie left in August of this year and traveled thru about a dozen states in an 11 day period. I'm glad we went because by October he begain to fail fast and on the sixteenth he passed to the next world.

One of the things he tried to impress on me and anyone who would listen is to do those things you desire before it gets to the stage that he was in. Something that should be on any list is to let the people, who you care about, know how much they mean to you. You might not get the chance to tell them. X.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your uncle, but its great you had that one last journey together. I did the same with my aunt, we had a fantastic short trip to Italy, and it'll be something I'll remember for the rest of my life, along with her humour, courage and giggles.
    Like your blog, lets hope Missouri winter isn't too long.