Sunday, January 3, 2010

Part Pict I Be

One of my great grandparents surname was Craig. We have thier line traced back to the 1500's in northern Scotland. It is said that the Craigs were decended from the Pictish tribes of Scotland. I tend to believe this might be true as the Craigs normally have coal black hair and a dark complexion and this is how most Picts are described by historians. Not a lot is known about them. They were good artesans and left many carved stones in Scotland. They were such fierce warriors that the Romans were unable to conquer them while in the British Ilse. They usually went into battle nude with thier bodies covered in blue colored markings and tattoos. Some historians think that they came from the area of Spain originally.

Above is the pattern for the Craig Tartan. And above that is a Pictish symbol, the z rod over the double disc. Some say the z rod is a broken arrow which is a sign for death. There are several thoughts on what the double disc means. Possibly the afterlife or the moon and sun. X.

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