Thursday, January 7, 2010

Boots, the chicken guardian

I shot this photo last summer as Boots was perched atop one end of the "chicken tractor". Boots showed up in the front yard last spring in terrible shape. Someone had apparently abandoned her. She was skinny with open sores over her body and was infested with the worst case of fleas I have ever seen. After several trips to the vet she slowly recovered and has become healthy again.
I built the "chicken tractor" last spring. It has wheels on one end so we can move it every day. The chickens provide fresh fertilizer to the yard and they love the fresh grass everyday. Also gave up two to three eggs every day which was a plus. X.


  1. thanks so much for the seed catalog reference... I will definately use it as good seeds are imperative.... I take it GG is your wife... love the name... it is what my grandkids call me... you will definately need to post more about your gardens if you are such avid gardners...

  2. The chicken tractor. What a good idea! Boots must be guarding them!