Friday, January 22, 2010

Dragons, Fact or Fiction?

Ancient history is full of stories of dragons. So, what do you believe? Is it possible they were real. The european version is of a winged fire breathing creature. While the chinese version is of a wingless dragon. To me the chinese have some giant lizards alive today that would sort of ad some validaty to thier dragon.

When you consider other mythic creatures like the abomidable snow man. Our country has versions of that. Even in my home state of Missouri. In the 70's there were a number of sightings along the Mississippi river and the creature was given the name of MOMo.

I am usually the skeptic, and tend to over analyze things at times. There was probably a creature that resembled the dragon at some time in the past. Perhaps, the ancient people stumbled on to it's fossils and thus began the legend. X.


  1. I believe there probably was a creature that resembled the dragon. I was intrigued by your story of MO-MO because we had a creature where I grew up also...only we called him the "Big Black Skinny Thing". My friend and I were walking up the path to go to the fishing hole one night, when she screamed. I looked forward and there was this big black skinny thing so that was the name that stuck to us. He was taller than a man and very, very hairy. Our friends laughed about it until it made the paper and thousands of people showed up to search for it. By the way, those wraps are making me very hungry about now.

  2. So I take it that Mo Mo is much like the satchswatch.. doubt I spelled that right... There are always legends that are unexplainable... yet they have to start from something.. I myself dont rule anything out as I have learned that there is far more than I will ever be able to explain, therefore who couldn't dragons have existed... by the way love the picture above...

  3. I believe in dragons; I think they are creatures that can travel across the different planes/realms and with all the negativity and destruction in the physical realm today, they just don't hang out here too often. Though some Witches have dragon companions (D.J. Conway for example). I've never heard of MO-MO, which is surprising, because I was very much into MO legends when I was younger. I shall now have to look it up!

  4. I was under the impression that a Chinese emperor ages ago actually had a dragon. I don't remember where I heard that though - surely not in high school History class.

    Back in "the olden days" when I was in church, our pastor cited some verse from the bible that he believed was in reference to a dragon. Stirred up the congregation - but I thought it was very cool!