Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yesterdays Roadtrip

Made the trip to Iowa with the bike in good shape. You get a lot of strange looks when you travel on a bike with the landscape covered in snow and the temps hanging right at the freezing mark. Probably looked like the Michelen Man the way I was bundled up in my wool and coverals. Had to switch to my full facemask style helmut instead of the half helmut I usually wear.
People who ride bikes are much more aware of wind chill than the ones that don't. Not sure what the wind chill would be with the temperature in the 30's as your flying down the road at 60-70 miles an hour, but I'm sure it's down there in the zero range somewhere.
Stopped in Kirksville for lunch on the way. Gave me a chance to warm the body. My hands usually bother me the most, the fingers mainly. Need to add a pair of heated gloves or heated grips to my wish list for next year. Any way I got my fix in for this month and should be good to go for a few more weeks.
While at the Harley dealership, found another cap that I just had to have. I'm as bad as my grandma Buck and her collection of shoes. Baseball caps and assorted western hats are an adddiction of mine. X.


  1. Just found your blog via Mother Moon. My family is full of bikers and cops (and biker/cops!) A real ecclectic collection of folks. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  2. Yes, we don't have a wind sheild on baby. Dick's fingers were frozen in his yoot because he rode all year and he has such problems with them now. It's hard to roll the throttle with your fingers numb! I hate getting old!

  3. I wouldn't have a bike without a windsheild. Don't like the taste of bugs in the summer or the cold in the winter ;^)> The bike I have now has cruise control so that helps in cold weather, allowing me to warm one hand then the other. X.