Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Has the World Gotten Smaller?

Have you visited some place that you had been as a child, and thought, man I sure remember this place being bigger. Or taken a trip that you hadn't been on since childhood and thought to yourself that it took much longer as a kid.
Someone is playing tricks on us, right?
I recently visited my grandparents old homeplace and found that the stairs in this photo would barely accomadate me. So, how did all those kids get on there? We must have been part of a Pixie tribe!


  1. Now isn't that the truth. I always remembered my grandmother's being a mansion. In reality it was a 2-room dwelling with no indoor plumbing. No kidding. Still, it was filled to the beams with love. Guess that's what made it seem to big.

  2. oh my is that not a true statement... it seems that things have shrunk or definately are not as grand as you remember... It is funny how our minds play such tricks on us... I like to think that places we truly loved just seemed huge and spacous to us. We never thought of grandmas small little house as anything but a huge house filled with love.