Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's ALL relative

About the time that I became interested in geneology, National Geographics had a show on tv about 'Eve'. The mother of all the people who are alive today. They used the human gnome to show how we are all related to this one women who lived thousands of years ago in Africa. I have always leaned towards a belief in evolution. I believe that if a God can produce a world in the snap of a finger he can do it any number of ways. So why not the natural way. That makes more since to me.

Back to this 'relative' thing. Our genes hold a record of where our ancestors have been on this earth. Everytime a mutation occurs it leaves a mark on our gene code. Thus the scientists can trace our lineage by testing people who are alive today. Our genes hold a history of our particular tree.

National Geographics has a gnome project to build this worldwide tree. I joined it several years ago and had my Y Chromosomes and my Mtdna Chromosomes checked. The Y is the paternal lineage and the Mtdna is the maternal lineage. Of course I was interested in how my lineage fit into the big picture. But my main purpose was to have the dna available to check against possible connections to people who might be related to me.

As i became interested in my Celtic heritage I found through my dna, that it backs up my connection to the Celtic race. It allows me to time travel in a vague way. Hopefully it will become more concrete as more people have thier dna checked and recorded.

My interest in my Celtic Heritage led to gathering information about the customs and beliefs of these people. There is very little written history available. And a lot of information that is out there is false. But in looking at some of the symbols we know about and what beliefs that can be verified. It appears to me that a lot of the earth based beliefs and religions were formed about 40 thousand years ago, amongst the people who inhabited the land in central asia near the country of Kasakhstan. The Gnome project has shown that these people spread out to populate all of Europe, Russia, Asia, and North and South America. What brings me to this conclusion are some of the symbols and beliefs that all of these groups have in common. One would be the all seeing hand symbol which has been used by jewish people, muslim people and native americans to mention a few. Another would be the four quartered circle which carries very similar beliefs among early European,Asian and Native American cultures.

One thing is very evident to me. The earth based beliefs and 'religions' are thousands of years older than all of the modern day religions by a long shot.

Picture above is little x and twisted sister #1. The one above that is picture of a rock carving found in Alabama from prehistoric Native American site. X.


  1. I find it tremendously interesting all the similarities amongst all the religions of today.... Yet the inability for so many to see this fact. I have always thought it is man's way of telling himself that he is right and in control. There are far too many questions to be answered when one starts to talk about religions.. I am glad that I do not fall into any catagory which makes me responsible for being the one who has to interpert it to the multitudes. It truly is a personal journey

  2. I agree. There are many aspects of todays religions that I accept as good teachings. Such as caring about others and treating them as I would want to be treated. But their history is full of instances where they persecuted people who they disaggreed with and feared. Almost all wars have been fought over religious beliefs. Look how the christian religions have demonised pagan teachings and belief's. Or the muslims have demonised christian teachings and beliefs. X.